Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Third grade "Living the Mission" in The Beard Center

Marnie McDonald's third grade class visited the beard Center for Innovation where they developed their research projects on 1st Thanksgiving.  Click here to see a short video of the students in action.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Maker Activities in Upper School Bio Ethics

The Biology Honors students begin the year with a project exploring bioethical topics that are currently in the news. Student groups create a newspaper “Debate” page articulating the facts and opposing opinions. They also include a political cartoon and quotations from members of our diverse GA community.
Designer babies, hydrofracking, GMO’s, Animal testing are some of the topics that our students are wrestling with in class and as global citizens. 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lower School STEAM Project in the Maker Space

Students in Lauren Vanin's fifth grade class had Halloween fun in the maker space this week with a STEAM project making Pumpkin Catapults.  "This STEAM design challenge was created to give give students an opportunity to plan, design, test, and improve catapults using specific consumable materials." reports Vanin. Her students had this to say, "I know know what a 'maker mindset' is…….”
“We knew we had to design a structure that would shoot the pumpkin the furthest, so it took lots of experimenting to find the correct spoon height.” “Most of the time we spent improving our original design…..we want back to the drawing board a lot!” “It was fun measuring the distance of our shots”
“Next time I’m using the materials differently!” “The group whose catapult shot the furthest spent less time building and more time planning.  I’m doing that next time”

Saturday, October 17, 2015

US Student Entrepreneurs Hear from Root Stock Racing's Abby Perkiss

Abby Perkiss, History Professor at Kean University and co-founder of Root Stock Racing, an adventure race planning and community building not for profit located in the Philadelphia region met with students from the Entrepreneurship class to speak about the company, and her journey from passion to profit, and the power of building the right brand. Along with her husband,  GA upper school history teacher Brent Freedland,  Root Stock will begin to roll out their races in 2016.